Full transcript of Sophie Ridge interview with Boris Johnson

Sophie Ridge (SR): Thank you very much for coming to the show

Boris Johnson (BJ): My happiness.

SR: So, we are in a school if you become the prime minister then what are your plans for education?

BJ: I think education is the most important thing that we consider conservative. In this sense that it is a tool that every child should take the maximum benefit of his talent and his opportunities, and the work of a great education is to give the state absolutely to everyone. What is happening in the UK in the past few years is that many schools are lagging behind in their per capita provision. So, what I want to do, one day, level up and ensure that everyone, elementary school and secondary school, get them the necessary money. We are also making some announcement today for schools with special educational needs.

SR: So what is it that you are announcing?

BJ: What we want to do is to provide parents with the capability, where they think it is necessary, for schools with special educational needs, for free schools and we will return it and we will support them. I think that often the local authorities need additional help to ensure that they have adequate provisions.

SR: What does it mean then, more money?

BJ: Ok, but this is part of our overall package of about £ 4.6 billion.

SR: So let me get this straight. So you want to invest more money in schools, you want to invest more money in transport in the north, you want to do full fiber broadband rollout in every home of the country, you want to keep more than 20,000 police on the streets, Want to cut? I mean come on. This is your cake and it is eating, right?

BJ: In fact, of course, the great Tunisian scholar and Rishi ibn Khaldun said in the beginning of the 14th century, there are many taxes that you can cut which will actually increase your revenue and there are ways to ensure that You can encourage development, you encourage the enterprise and you get more. But it is certainly true that Sophie Cash is available at this time.

SR: Where is the cash available?

BJ: At this time around £ 22- £ 25 billion is the headroom and …

SR: It varies, is not it, every month?

BJ: That’s right, but definitely the headroom and if you look at February, the Chancellor’s revenue is more than his expenditure.

SR: Because February is when people pay taxes. If you look at different months then you are in losses.

BJ: Well I believe that cash is available now.

SR: Are you ready to see lending going up?

BJ: I think the headroom is available at the moment and we intend to use it. I also feel that you can do some good work to encourage tax evolution with tax deduction.

SR: This was a very simple question. Are you ready to see lending growing?

BJ: then we should do them. But there are some projects- Do not forget in this country that we are spending about 250 billion pounds on public procurement in a year or any other year. Do not tell me that the way we spend that money does not have significant savings.

SR: So you’re ready to see lending growing up? This is a direct answer to my question.

BJ: I am ready to borrow to meet some of the great objectives, but overall we will carry out the fiscal responsibility and will continue with the normal trajectory to ensure that this country pays in its own way and within its means lives. But you can do that with some sensible tax deductions, which will promote growth, encourage enterprise, gain more revenue, and use the headroom to spend on things that I think actually Important, like education and police.

SR: What are you talking about special tax deductions?

BJ: I think we should raise the people of low income outside tax, increase the boundaries for national insurance and I will remind you where my priority is. When I was the Mayor of London, we made the way for example with the salary in London, and I think raising NI contributions threshold would be another good thing.

SR: You are talking about low-income people. One way that can really help him is to see the minimum wage.

BJ: living wages …

SR: Labor wants to raise 10 pounds per hour. Will you match it?

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