Gay men, gay woman – do God love you?

In this life we are expected to have some qualifications. To get a ‘Driver’s License’ you have to pass his exam. To get any job, you have to prove that you have the qualifications for that job – to prove that you are “qualified”. To prove that you are a ‘suitable candidate’. Prove that you are “acceptable”.

Does God also demand this? At what moment do you know that God fully accepts you?

Whatever your experience with others, but your relationship with God does not begin with these words – “Accept me because …”

This relation begins with God’s saying, “I accept you.” “I welcome you.”

Whether you are a gay man, a lesbian, a bisexual, a transgender person, or you have questions about them, God is not our enemy. If you have no relation with God already, then God wants to have a relationship with you. And God’s proposal for relation is for everyone.

In the New Testament of the Bible, you will see that a group continuously provoked Jesus Christ … ‘religious self-righteous’.

There was no problem with Jesus Christ, with all others, even prostitutes and criminals. But, he was angry and unhappy with the religious class. Jesus Christ saw them as critical, arrogant, loveless, and hypocritical.

When you read these words, you may immediately have thought of religious people in your mind that you were rude and critical, and who hurt you Phuँchayi. Do all these represent the heart of Jesus? No. Jesus Christ said that you love your neighbor just as you do with yourself. So critical, harmful comments, how would it be in line with this? No way!

It reveals the heart of Jesus – Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who labor and are loaded with burdens; I’ll give you a rest. Take my yoke upon you; And learn from me; Because I am humbled and humble in heart: and you will find rest in your heart. “1

Have you ever had an opportunity to think seriously about Jesus Christ?

Unlike any other person (who have lived on this earth), about Jesus ‘life’ explain you … that can be kind experience life abundantly. Whatever creature exists, Jesus is the creator of all of them, yet he came in the form of a human being so that we may know him, God can know.

John, a friend of Jesus Christ, commented about Jesus, “Because of the fullness of all we have received, namely grace on grace. That is why the law was given by Moses. But grace, and truth reached through Jesus Christ. “2

This means that God has given us the kindness, we do not have to do anything to get it. Jesus gives us both our kindness and truth, so that they can show us the path in this misleading life.

I often thought, what would have to do to be accepted by God? Perhaps you too will be amazed like me Look here –

God did not send his Son into the world because he commands the world to be punished, but because of this world’s salvation.

Did you understand this message? Whoever believes in him, is saved by them (he is saved). Anyone who believes in him is not punished.

Jesus tells us to do this … to believe in them.

But whoever received it, he gave them the right to be God’s children, that is, those who believe in his name. ”

He was not only a prophet, teacher or religious teacher. Jesus said that knowing them is to know God. Believing them is to believe in God. He said all this, took him to the cross. People accused God of blasphemy on them.

They gave evidence of this. Jesus had done all that till now no human could do – he immediately corrected the blind, the lame, and the sick.

But Jesus went even further. On many occasions he said that he will be caught, killed and crucified … and after three days he will be resurrected. This is a solid evidence. He did not say that he would have an incarnation, or made a mysterious promise that “you will see me in a dream.” He clearly told that he will be resurrected three days after the thickening.

The Roman rulers knew about this, so they took the guard of soldiers on the tomb of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ came out alive after three days of torture and even after being killed on the cross, resurrected from the tomb. His body had gone. The only clothes left were those that were worn and buried in the tomb. Within a span of 40 days, Jesus Christ himself appeared in physical form, many times. In this way Christian faith and place They proved that they were the ones they claimed … God as a human; Equal to God

Jesus was very clear in this regard, “because the Father does not judge anyone. He has given all the authority to do justice to the son, so as to honor the father in the same manner as everyone else respected him. The one who does not respect the son, the father who sent the son, does not respect. I tell you the truth: Whoever hears my word and believes in me who sent me, has eternal life. He will not be held guilty. He has crossed death and entered life. “6

You might be thinking, “OK. Eternal life is very good. But now, what’s in this life? ”
You can spend your life knowing that God loves you.

Everyone has the desire to get love. Human love is important. Nevertheless, the person who loves you, his love is incomplete, because humans are incomplete.

But God loves you completely. They love us because love is in their nature, and it never changes, and never ends.

We spoil everything or something. We all can not live up to the criteria of living our lives, except for God’s criteria. But God does not accept us according to our actions. He accepts us when we trust him, go to him, and invite him to come to his life.

Jesus Christ described the relationship with them in the following ways:

“Just as the Father has loved me, so have I loved you too. You stay in my love If you obey my commands, then remain in my love; Like I have obeyed my father’s commands and I remain in his love. I have said this to you that my happiness is in you and your happiness will be fulfilled.

What will happen if you listen to them? What if you start a relationship with God?
Any important relationship in your life has an impact on you, positive or negative. right? This is true for everyone. The more important the relationship is, the more its effect is.

Therefore, it is understood that knowing God will be an important relation. God will lead your life through his love and his desires. You will still make your own decision. You maintain your free will. She does not control your life such that she forces you to do anything. Nevertheless, I found myself impressed by his intelligence, kindness and the way God sees people, and their life.

God does not point to society God, who created this world, does not need to direct the society. I liked it. By this thinking I feel emancipated.

When I made a relationship with God, God did this in my life –

I was an atheist. To believe in God, reading about it in the Bible, was a major change in my life. In fact it was very big and important.

A few months after receiving Jesus Christ in my life, my friend asked me, “Have you felt any change in your life?” And I said, “What do you mean? It seems that now you are listening carefully to me. ”

I am a little embarrassed to hear this. My closest friend here was telling me that after all I started acting like a decent person, and started listening to him! (By feeling the change of my life, he was so surprised that he also decided to accept Jesus Christ in his life.)

Here is what I think was happening in my life-
When I started a relationship with God, then I became very aware of God’s love towards me. I was really surprised. The things I was studying in the Bible became the personal message of God to me, who were telling me how much they loved me. (From childhood I thought that God is angry with / angry because we do not meet his criteria.) It was astonishing for me – that God loves us.

I feel that my emotional need for love was found at such a deep level from God that I started feeling myself emotionally safe. I began to think more and care about my place, others. And of course I became a better listener, and cared for others. I also feel that the caste discrimination mentality that I grew up was decreasing.

As we learn from Jesus Christ and allow him to lead, he promises that, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” 8

If you start a relationship with Jesus then you will feel a change in yourself – how you see your attitudes, or hopefulness, or others, or how you spend your time, in it Only God knows. But as you know them, your life will be influenced by them. Ask those who follow Jesus, they will tell you how knowing their life has affected their lives.

He awakens in us the strong desire to choose the path he has given. It’s unpredictable how he does this. It is not that he gives you new orders that you have to accept. It is not a self effort, and it is not that you are performing something for God. This is not a religious dedication. It is a relationship, an intimate friendship with God, a close friendship. This means that God is guiding you personally and teaching you about him, about life. God enters our lives only when we invite him to come to his life. It affects our lives, from inside, to heart level.

Jesus Christ gives you the fullness of life. You know how relationships, jobs, sports, entertainment … all these are great moments, yet there seems to be some shortcomings. Satisfaction with these does not provide us complete satisfaction. And nothing of this earth can give us this

We are constantly hungry for a reliable, always lasting thing.”9 He fulfilled his sentence by saying,” … and I will never leave anyone who comes to me. ” I have searched for such a philosophy of life for many years, which always works under any circumstances. After knowing God, my search ended. I feel qualified to believe it

Your relationship with them, you will feel completely different from their relationship with someone else. Because, you are such a person who has unlimited experience, thoughts, dreams and needs.

I’m worried about this issue at the moment that I am telling you the only benefit to know God.
Relationship to God does not guarantee that you will avoid the difficulties of life. It may be that you get out of financial stress, terrible disease, accident, earthquake, heart attacks in relationships, etc.

There is no question that there is pain and suffering in this life. You can take him alone, or you can live comfortably from the fact that God’s love, his company, and proximity are with us in the moment of suffering.

The second thing to keep in mind is that, God may take you into challenging business, in which you have to make a personal sacrifice to take care of others.

Most of Jesus’ disciples (and many of today’s followers of Jesus) have had to go through heavy suffering. For example – Paul (Paul) was arrested several times, countless times he was beaten with canes and lamps. Once the angry crowd hit him with stones so that he could die and die. Many times, his ship was broken in the sea, many days he was without food, many times he had to run away – to protect his life.

Clearly, the life of Jesus’ followers was not easy. Nevertheless, Paul (Paul) and other believers did not panic or stumble in faith, because they knew that God loved them and believed in God’s love.

Because I know that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor the present, nor the future, nor the power, nor the height, nor depth, nor any other creation, from God’s love, which is our Lord Jesus Christ It is possible to separate. ”

You do not plan your life. If you are a gay man or a woman, are bisexual, or have a contrite, or you have many questions … If you let him do, then Jesus will direct your life. And it will be bigger than your imagination.
Here’s how you can start a relationship with God, right now-
Whatever you have done in your life, Jesus Christ gives you complete pardon. Our sins were not ignored only, its price has been paid – Jesus paid our price, by giving his life on the cross, its price.

Has anyone ever sacrificed for you? Jesus has done this at the highest level. She loves you so much He wants to make a connection with you, coming to your heart.

Do you want to know God? If you have not yet invited God to your life, then I encourage you to ask him to come to your life. He says that only this is the relation which satisfies us. Without this there is no point in moving forward in this life.

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