The 152-year-old tradition of the British is going to break, the Modi government has made big preparations …

There are no two opinions in this regard since the Modi government has come to power since then there have been considerable changes in the country. Let us tell you that the previous governments which did not do in 70 years, the Modi government has done it for only four and a half years. At the same time Modi Government is going to break the tradition of 152-year-old British in the public, because this big preparation by the Modi government is going on.

Let us know that soon the government is going to change the financial session of the country, if everything is in accordance with the current government, the next year i.e. beginning in the year 2020 will start from 1st April on 1st April. Now the general budget will be presented in Parliament only in December. For information, if the Modi government imposes this, then it will be the last year of the 152-year-old tradition. The Central Government is engaged in its entire preparation. Explain that on the basis of which the British presented the budget in March 1967, companies also declare a measurable result. But now the Modi government will soon change this tradition.

For your information, if there is a change in the date of Financial Year, then there will be no impact on the normal life. Only tax levying, tax filing, quarterly results of companies and its impact on the stock market can be seen. According to experts, it takes about two months to complete the budget process, so the potential date of the budget session can be the first week of November. In this regard, the Commission says that the working session can not be used in the existing system. The Standing Committee of Parliament also recommended to transfer it. What are the reactions of people in this regard? Write your important opinion in the comment box.

The world’s only team that has scored in the last 5 overs is 100 runs, you will be proud to know the name

Friends welcome you to our portal that is in the world of cricket. There is no doubt that there are many such legendary players in the game world who have left no stone unturned in introducing dangerous batsmen to their team. In this order today, there is talk of a team that is the only team in the world to score 100 runs in the last 5 overs. Even all the bowlers were also upset, which team has shown such a thing after coming?

Tell the team that the team that is going to talk about, the players of the team took the record of making 100 runs in the last 5 overs while batting explosives. For information, please inform that this match was played in Bangalore on 2 November 2013. There are many such records in this match that it is very difficult to break for any other player. Now you people are thinking that after all the teams have fought this match and which team has registered this important record? Let us know that this fight was played between India and Australia in 2013.

For your information, let us know that in this one-day match, Indian captain Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was. Dhoni had earlier decided to bat first by winning the toss against Australia in the ODI series. After which Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan started the Indian team’s frenzy. Even before Shikhar Dhawan was dismissed, the Indian team scored 112 runs. Although Kohli had been zero in this match, the Indian team had completed 283 runs at the end of 45 overs, after which Dhoni and Rohit Sharma scored five runs in the last five overs to score 100 runs in the explosive batting. In this match, Rohit Sharma got his record of making 209 runs. In this regard, you must write in your important Roy Comment box. Also, be sure to follow the Facebook page to get such posts continuously.

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