This is the 7th richest politician who is making money on the world with his money, No. 5 is the most different

Different politicians everywhere in the world are known for their work, every country’s politician has his own fancies. This is the work of every politician that he should promote the good of the people and the country, today we are going to introduce you to the world’s rich politician, so let us know which political leaders are included in them. There are many such people in today’s time who are very fond of seeing their sister-in-law and this is also very famous all over the world.

Valerie Putin

It is worth mentioning that Putin is considered to be one of the richest politicians with a total wealth of approximately $ 18.4 billion. They have gained a lot of money and popularity. He has joined the list of the world’s richest people during his rule as PM.

Sonia Gandhi

India’s country’s face, Sonia Gandhi’s name is also included in Amar’s list of politicians. Sonia Gandhi was born in Italy, it is worth mentioning that in the year 1968, Indian politician Rajiv Gandhi was tied in marriage bond and got nationality of both countries. After joining politics, it has become the most famous face of India. Tell them that their total assets are approximately $ 19.2 billion.

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz

The well-known face Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, which is also the king of that, his whole wealth comes from some resources of oil and sheikhs. Many people think that Arab people like to waste money, but it is not so, Abdullah put his money to improve education for the people, but this fear could not be proved right, many ministers But they are controlled because they are the king of the country, it is important that in 2005 they were elected as people by the people and their total wealth was approximately $ 21 billion.

Savitri Jindal

India is the country’s second richest woman politician and member of the Legislative Assembly, most notably Jindal is the chairperson of steel. With about $ 13.2 billion worth of wealth, the world’s richest Indian comes in 16th place.

Hassnal Bouqiih

The Sultan of Brunei is well known for maintaining the oil and gas resources, the special thing is that he has been the commander of the Royal Armed Forces in his country, he has about 8000 cars, whose price is very difficult to guess Their total assets are $ 20 billion.

Michael Bloomberg


Harvard’s talent started his career by doing business before coming to politics. He has also developed a number of projects for the well-being of the city, his total assets are approximately $ 37.2 billion, and the best part is that many research, education and art are still growing due to his contribution.

Silvio Berlusconi

Their beginnings have been a little different, they started their career as a vacuum cleaner vendor, they developed their own business which developed very fast and soon they started their company, looking at their progress He did not only gain popularity but also gave him membership in the Italian Parliament, with the wealth of about $ 7.8 billion, the richest politicians The list also includes their names.

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